WHAT IS JEFA? and why you need it in your life.

Jefa Clothing

“Give a woman the right outfit and see her rule the world.”
Our brand Jefa believes that all a woman needs is the right outfit and she’ll own the world like a boss. Our brand ‘Jefa’ is here to do make you a boss lady! Founded in 2020 by a fashion entrepreneur, Jefa is here to help you reconnect with the masterpiece within you. An Indian woman’s contemporary western wear brand, with its root embracing the Indian culture and heritage, Jefa understands your body and its needs. At Jefa, we want to redefine affordable and sustainable fashion, styles that are subtle yet make a statement.
While designing for the Indian body types, we pay a lot of emphasis on Indian sizes and choices in terms of fabrics, silhouettes, and cultural requirements. At Jefa, we believe in sustainable fashion practices and hence all our garments are ethically constructed.
To #GiveBack to the environment, we have introduced a range of apparel made which is made from forest-friendly fabrics like- Hemp, bamboo, banana, etc. These organic fabrics are antibacterial with natural UV protection!


Why Choose us?

We at Jefa believe in responsible and global waste managed fashion. As an innovative brand, we blend fashion with medicinal properties with an objective that every piece leaves a positive effect on your body and mind. With the idea of giving back to the environment, we proudly produce garments from forest friendly fibers. We make sizes and silhouettes that are designed for the Indian body. We are pure to our craft of authentic western fashion.

While manufacturing we make sure that there is less wastage, conscious upcycling, used resources and the fabric is chemical-free. We employ village artisans and craft every piece of clothing. To motive is to design clothes with not just only make you flaunt yourself, but are kind to nature, with minimum use of plastic and usage of water resources, Jefa believes is sustainable clothing.

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